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School enrollment to classes 1 - 11 has started.
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Training system


State unit

The program offered by lyceum fully meets the state standard. At the same time the lessons are conducted in Accelerative Learning technology that allows students to absorb the course material directly to the lesson.

Homework is not set, except for the reading of literature, learning by heart, etc.

Training block

This unit includes items and projects that complement and extend state unit. They aim to develop certain skills and competencies which are necessary for the education of successful and happy person.

All these items are integrated into the structure of the "Grand" lyceum trainings. They are mandatory for all students, and classes are held according to the schedule.

It is a collective creative activity of students. A choosing situation. Each half of year students have the right to change the project or to stay working for the already chosen one..
Project activity is a modern and efficient technology "for the result." In the study of various projects teenagers find a sphere of their vital interests and acquire new skills and competencies.

Life skills training

Life skills training is a course where children learn the correct form of behavior in real life, and enhance their self-confidence. Lessons are held for a group, in a modular system. They are also included in the schedule grid and are required to attend.

Classes are grouped according to the modular system. They are also included in the schedules grid and are required to visit.


To attend by choice and desire of children and parents: saxophone, block flute, piano, synthesizer, martial arts, guitar, vocals, choreography, acrobatics, soccer, table tennis, chess; additional subjects.

Various sports trainings are through the appointed system (under the state program), as well as the system of workshops, sections, electives, training.
Sports such as horseback riding, skiing, roller-sports, bowling, tennis and swimming are held in specially equipped sports centers: Institute of Physical Education, the base of Olympic reserve, horse-racing base, roller rink, bowling, etc. For winter sports - "Prolisok", "Protasov Yar" and others.

Aesthetic and leisure activities

Excursions and subject weeks, exhibitions, theaters, philharmonic, festivals, shows, sports, chess tournaments, holiday.

Economic Game

Business economic game is conducted from 1 to 11 classes. The game is based on the model of the real economic system and involves the existence of its own currency, firms, holding real auctions, and fairs.