Vladimir Spivakovsky

School enrollment to classes 1 - 11 has started.
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 Grand" is a runway!

The "Grand" Lyceum is the private school of European format for teaching children from 1st to 11th grade.

The school was established in 1988. It remains a leader in the ranking of the best private schools in the country.

The model of the school is modern and effective. It provides mandatory government program and high standard of life skills and competencies that are needed in life. The model of the Lyceum Grand is recognized as the model of education in other countries.

Grand is recognized as one of the best 5*****-stars schools of the world.

The lyceum has a high level of International accreditation NCPSA, which confirms recognition of high standards of education.

Students who have completed the 11th grade are issued certificates of secondary education and the lyceum international certificate in three languages.

Education has the double result: the state program plus the skills and competencies that are needed in life.

The main innovations introduced in educational process:

  • Computer technology
  • Unique business economic game
  • Information and computer training
  • Developing and implementing the world's best educational technologies that are adequate to the level of advanced standards
  • Life skills training
  • Business socio-political game
  • Creative projects
Technical equipment: students have computers, tablets, interactive smart boards in every classroom, plasmas, wireless high-speed Internet (Wi-Fi), My test program, system Classroom Management, Prezzi, Easy Show.

Thereareexciting projects, casestudies, workshopsandtrainings. There are also exclusive business lessons, inheritance and happiness lessons, lessons of responsibility and personal growth

The lyceum provides advanced studying of English language, business and computer technology.

Our students are surrounded by family environment and friendly microclimate.

Food: Three meals a day, balanced food. This is achieved because of working of own staff of skilled chefs and certified products supplying. Five diets were developed menus for different categories of children. The Lyceum "Grand" has a cafe named the "Satiated student".

School transfers are 11 buses "Mercedes", which runs on special routes in the morning and evening, as well as bringing children to exhibitions, museums, sports clubs and other activities.

A pediatrician and a nurse conduct medical care.

"Grand" is not just a school 

This is the style of "living" in real time. Students do not feel much difference between school life and life outside of school. Even on Saturday, they come to the Lyceum for communication, sports and creativity.
It is a space with training sessions, clubs and workshops according to interests: video and photography, theatre, music, concerts, sports competitions, business games, trainings in life skills.

The emphasis is on preparation of students for future careers, critical thinking and positive solutions to all life issues.

The most advanced in the world is the desire to grow in the child mental intelligence IQ as well as emotional intelligence EQ, which is reflected in feelings, imagination and communication skills. Because of it, a rich program is organized at the Lyceum.