International Lyceum Grand

The "Grand" Lyceum is the private school of European format for teaching children from 1 to 11 classes. The school was established in 1988. It remains leadership in the ranking of the best private schools in the country.


Grand is recognized as one of the best 5*****-stars schools of the world by American accreditation Committee Ai.

The model of the school is modern and effective. It provides mandatory government program and high standard of life skills and competencies that are needed in life. The model of the lyceum Grand is recognized as the model of education in other countries.

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“Grand" is a runway!
About lyceum
Updated knowledge ***** Caring teachers ***** Effective technology ***** Excellent results
Оновленні знання
Турботливі вчителі
Чудові результати
The first private school in Ukraine
2 in 1
State standard + what you need in life

A little about us

The Lyceum has been working since 1988. This is the first private school in Ukraine. 

The number of students is 200. Teaching is in Ukrainian. Admission to the school is from grade 1. The number of children in 
classes is up to 20.

Education has the double result: the state program plus the skills and competencies that are needed in life.

The main innovations introduced in educational process:

  • Computer technology
  • Unique business economic game (under the tutelage of the Guild of Brands)
  • Information and computer training
  • Developing and implementing the world's best educational technologies that are adequate to the level of advanced standards
  • Life skills training
  • Business socio-political game
  • Creative projects

Everything is done like for themselves
Mission and principles
il tempo

  • Our mission is to make parents satisfied and happy, children smart and healthy, and teachers creatively spiritual
  • The environment where everything contributes to the childdevelopment
  • We use the tactics of non-conflict management
  • We value our reputation
Україна, 01033, Київ,
вул. Жилянська, 38
0800 330 810