How to go to the lyceum "Grand"?



The lyceum educates children from 1 to 11 classes.

For admission to the lyceum, you need:

  • appointment to view lyceum
  • go through a competitive selection: an interview with a child psychologist and teachers

Following the interviews will be issued a decision on admission to the lyceum.

Tuition fee:

Price: 11 500 EUR a year (all-inclusive system). Entry fee is 1 000 EUR.

Payment: twice a year (every 6 months).

There are discounts if you pay:

  • for each year of study 1%
  • for advance payment for two half 5%
  • for learning the second child from the same family 10%
  • for third and each subsequent child from the same family 30%
The lyceum "Grand" has a group to prepare children for school (from 5 years).
Preparatory group costs 4 500 euros per year. Payment – 2 times a year (every 6 months).

The system "all inclusive": training, meals, transfers, projects, books and other services.

Ukraine, 01033, Kyiv, 38 Zhylianska str.

Tel.: 044 289-07-43; 044 287-14-57, 044 287-41-19

Tel. 044 287-22-71(counting room)


For price / quality ratio the lyceum Grand consistently takes top lines in a ranking of the best private schools.