We are a part of the world chain of five-stars schools

The school is located in a complex of historic buildings. The German architect A. F. Krauss built it in neogreek style.

The benefits of learning Positioning 3D tour of the lyceum

  • the school is organized by "family style" with a small number of students at classes
  • the Lyceum has friendly and creative atmosphere, highly qualified teachers, caring for children
  • the system "all inclusive". Studying is paid once per year/six months. It does not require any additional fees and surcharges. There is a system of discounts
  • the school incorporates the latest educational result-oriented trends and technologies
  • there is effective system of preparation for tests
  • children receive a minimum of homework
  • all students are involved in projects and master classes, trainings, case studies
  • modern security system are implemented
  • effective psychological service
  • intelligent homogeneous environment and healthy moral climate
  • the school is conveniently located in the historical center of Kiev

"Grand" is the best thing you can give to your child

The environment in which children learn?

"Grand" is the "school of residence, school of education". Perfect conditions are created to ensure that the period of life from 5 to 17 years the child lives a rich, varied, with the

Parents of our students are pleasantly surprised that children happily run to school every day and want to study!


  • this is the most prestigious school in the country with international prominence
  • the results of marketing research conducted among schools in the ratio "price-quality", indicate the maximum efficiency of our Lyceum
  • the lyceum is the ideal school for parents who want their child to implement the success “formula 5 in 1":

    • to give a good education
    • to maintain health
    • to prepare for entrance to University
    • to organize a decent social circle
    • to prepare for a successful adult life

"Grand" is the password to the world