Everything is done like for themselves

All show the school as an exhibition, and we show the inside: what happens "behind the scenes" between lessons, on rehearsals. What nobody can see, but it is interesting to everybody!

Excursions and subject weeks, exhibitions, theaters, philharmonic, festivals, shows, sports, chess tournaments, holiday.

Lyceum system of self-management – education leaders, club entertainment, stocks organization, festivals preparation and conduct, discos.

  • Club for elementary school and club for high school work on all the breaks
  • Bar for elementary school and bar for high school work for teens and kids, where lyceum students can buy goods for their good deeds earned money "grands"
  • Library with computer games
  • English game festival (presenter and the participants communicate in English)
  • English cinema: children's and teen movies in English with English interactive
  • Media library: informative literature, magazines, educational computer games
  • Recording studio
  • Professional entertainment organizers: event-manager, moderator, sound engineer

Psychological service

Leading psychologist diagnoses, correction, and counseling.
Teacher and class teacher always help to identify and solve the psychological problems of students and interpersonal relationships in the classroom.

They maintain constant contact with parents, consult them and make interview.


To attend by choice and desire of children and parents: saxophone, block flute, piano, synthesizer, martial arts, guitar, vocals, choreography, acrobatics, soccer, table tennis, chess; additional subjects.

  • audiovisual media
  • trainings using IT-trainers
  • classroom management system
  • virtual technology:
    • online laboratory;
    • online educational conference;
    • online testing;
    • online presentations;
  • training simulators
  • multimedia Online Resources
  • The single computer network
  • lyceum electronic bank
  • - the single information space
  • online-personal communication system:
    • electronic diary;
    • email;
    • online notes;
    • social networks;
    • messengers;
    • cloud services
  • CCTV
  • computer equipment support services