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Lyceum "Grand" is the complex of five houses in the centre of Kiev. It is located in the former estate of the Miller, 19th century (architect A. F. Krauss). In the 1860-ies, the school of the "Old community" was here.

The buildings have historical and architectural value. This exclusivity gives us a right to be proud of the fact that the "Grand" Lyceum looks like dynasty British University.

The architecture and layout of the school are compact and have interior features.

The buildings of the Lyceum were reconstructed. They have original design. Everything was made for comfortable learning and leisure activities.

The school is fully equipped with modern furniture.

The infrastructure of lyceum promotes the implementation of creative and educational projects. It includes many specialized areas:

  • each class has separated study
  • the chemistry study
  • the science study
  • the geography and history study
  • the linguistic study
  • the laboratory of IT technologies
  • the music room
  • the arts study
  • the dance hall for dance
  • sports hall for general physical training, training on simulators
  • the concert hall

  • the psychologist's office
  • the teaching study with work area and relaxation room
  • the library and media library (educational and informative literature)
  • the club for leisure activities of high school students
  • the club for elementary school students
  • the recording studio
  • the wardrobe 
  • the cafe 
  • the medical office (with box)
  • office buildings (management, service)

On the territory of the lyceum, there are: the playground with rides for younger children, gardens, tennis court, stadium, gym area for high school students.

he area is fully enclosed, guarded, equipped with video surveillance.

Educational equipment: 120 computers, 140 tablets, interactive whiteboards, plasma panels, laptops, Internet (WI-FI).
Transfer. 10 school buses "Mercedes".

Cafe. Private kitchen with Italian equipment and professional staff of cooks and confectioners.

Theideallocationofthelyceumcreatesagreatopportunityforlearning. It is located close to Olimpiyskiy sports complex, the operetta theatre, the planetarium, the best Universities in Kiev.

Parents and students emphasize the organized system of food, transfer, and medical care.

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